Jorge Masvidal Talks About KO’ing Ben Askren In Five Seconds

At UFC 239, Jorge Masvidal shocked the world when he knocked out Ben Askren in just five seconds. Jorge came charging in and landed a knee flush to Askren’s face, knocking him out in just two seconds. However, the referee took three additional seconds to step in and separate Masvidal from an unconscious Ben Askren, thus stopping the fight in just five seconds.

“Gamebred” has been upfront about his dislike and disdain of Ben. Before the fight, Askren teased Jorge, and the two exchanged words on social media, leading to Masvidal vowing to take Ben’s head off at UFC 239. With Jorge doing just that, he recently talked about how it felt taking Askren out so decisively.

“It’s crazy, I’ve been watching this sport for the longest time”, Masvidal said of this record-breaking knockout on Radio (transcript via “This is huge. It’s a real f**king achievement for me as a fanboy, being such a fan of this sport and loving this shit so damn much that I consume a lot of this sport in my brain. I know the type of athletes and studs there are, the type of murderers that are there in my sport.

“I’m the fastest one out of those guys? Wow, that’s pretty f**king intense man. I’m humbled”, he continued. “At first I came from a weird place because I did have to see it at first in my head, and that’s always how I do my things. I like to see myself go and do something. So it didn’t feel out of the norm at the moment that it happened, but when it hit me later on, it was the most humbling sh*t”.

Masvidal also spoke about how it only took two or three seconds for Ben’s lights to go out, and said that the fight should’ve ended by the three second mark.

“I mean if we counting when he got knocked out, it’s like one, two, or three — around there”, he explained. “We were watching the thing from when that knee makes contact, he’s already done, sniper shot, so if they were to call that at that three seconds, that’d be really tough to break.”

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