Rashad Evans Names His GOAT And The Hardest Hitter He Ever Faced

Earlier this month, the UFC announced that Rashad Evans would be inducted in to the UFC Hall Of Fame this summer. Evans faced the who’s who of UFC legends, during his thirteen years in the promotion.

So when TMZ Sports asked the former UFC light heavyweight champion, who was the hardest hitter and the greatest fighter he faced, in his illustrious career, it was always going to be interesting to hear his answers.

When it came to the hardest hitter, Evans gave honourable mentions to Chuck Liddell and Dan Henderson but said Keith Jardine probably hit him harder than anyone else.

“I would say Keith Jardine. On The Ultimate Fighter show, he hit me so hard one time, I honestly I thought that even after the fight was over, I was still knocked out somewhere and it was a dream. It was that hard. He was probably the hardest that hit me. Like every single time he hit me, it was like, the lights went out for a second.”

When it came down to the best fighter the TUF season two winner faced in his career, he was in no doubt that Jon Jones was the best.

“Without a doubt, Jon Jones. When it comes down to it, I think that Jon Jones is the best in history.

“When he’s inside the cage, he’s dynamic. He’s got some skill. Technically speaking, he was probably the best fighter. I say that because when you fight guys that good, you feel like after the fight is over, ‘there’s another level I need to get to.'”

Do you agree with Rashad Evans? Is Jon Jones the GOAT?

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