Scott Coker Provides Update On Negotiations With Cris Cyborg

When one door closes, another opens, and that was what happened when Cris Cyborg was released from the UFC. After her relationship with Dana White reached a point of impasse, White revealed that he was “out of the Cyborg business“. Immediately afterwards, Bellator MMA President and the man that put women’s MMA on the map in North America, Scott Coker talked about wanting to sign Cris to a contract.

Since then, not much has been revealed about the status of her move. Recently, Coker revealed to MMA Junkie that the negotiations are still on-going to sign Cyborg to Bellator MMA.

“We’ve been talking to Audie since we got the official letter from her that she was released (by the UFC)”, Coker revealed.

“So, we try to make sure we have all the i’s dotted. (Because otherwise,) then you get the lawsuits…We are in discussions with Audie and I’m sure he’s in discussions with two to three people about trying to make a deal for Cyborg.”

Cris Cyborg and Scott Coker previously worked together during the Strikeforce days. For Scott, Cyborg is, and will always be the greatest female MMA fighter in the sport’s history.

“Let’s face it”, Coker said. “I don’t care what anybody says. Me speaking about the female divisions that basically Strikeforce created in mixed martial arts when nobody else would do it, she is the GOAT of female MMA – period.

“Because you beat Muhammad Ali doesn’t make you Muhammad Ali, is how I feel. I saw her fight when she was 24, 25, 26. Those are years Cyborg was fighting for me, and she was just a beast. I wish we could rewind those tapes and check it out, because she’s a killer. She’s still a killer. But for me to say that she’s not the greatest of all time and someone else is? That’s ridiculous.”

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