Sean O’Malley Is Taking Positives From 2 Years Away From The Octagon

After two years away from the Octagon, Sean O’Malley returned with a bang at UFC 248, when he conquered Jose Quinonez at UFC 248 in the very first round, stopping him with a head kick and a barrage of punches.

We haven’t seen O’Malley in competition since UFC 222, in March of 2018, due to two failed drug tests with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). The 25 year old consistently protested his innocence and eventually USADA established that the levels of ostarine found in his system were consistent with being ingested via a contaminated supplement.

In light of O’Malley and other similar cases, USADA has now lowered the threshold for certain banned substances, so that fighters that have likely unintentionally taken tiny traces of banned substances via a contaminated supplement, won’t be flagged.

Because of the whole situation it would be understandable if O’Malley was filled with rage towards USADA. However, speaking to MMA Fighting, ‘Sugar’ Sean defended USADA.

“I think they’re trying to do their best. It’s something that’s going to be a process to figure where the line should be drawn. I still don’t think it’s 100 picograms, that’s what it’s at right now. I think that’s still such a low number but they don’t know the science to where it’s performance enhancing and when it’s a tainted supplement and it’s not doing anything for you.

“They don’t know the science enough to make the perfect limit. 100 picograms is a start and they’re obviously doing their best, too.”

O’Malley remained focused during his time away from the Octagon and made the most of his time off.

“I just got so good the last two years, it doesn’t even matter. I don’t even think about that anymore. I feel like I’m twice as good. Overall, I’m stronger in every aspect. I think I was twice as good as I was two years ago.”

Having not fought in two years, a bit of O’Malley wanted the fight to go on longer than two minutes. However, ‘Sugar’ Sean says the fight went the way it was supposed to.

“It worked out perfect. I wish it could have gone a little longer. You train so hard for two minutes but can’t complain. If I picture fighting someone, I start seeing me knocking them out right away. You kind of start playing those scenarios through your head.

“So early on, I saw the fight going like that. It just happened how it was supposed to.”

O’Malley tried his best to explain what this triumphant moment means to him.

“It’s hard to [explain] but I had pictured that moment so many times. Just outside walking my dog, I’d picture that moment happening. When it did happen, I just really felt it and let it happen. I guess it was emotional. I was just feeling it to the fullest and it was just powerful.”

Even though this hiatus was not necessary, O’Malley has deemed it a rather successful one, given the fact that it has taught him how to count his blessings and appreciate the life he has.

“You just put it into perspective,” O’Malley said. “If I’m standing in my shower and I have hot water running down me, my life’s pretty good. I can shower. I can go to the refrigerator. I have food. I have shelter.

“My life’s okay. Just makes you look at life with a different perspective.”

Who would you like to see Sean O’Malley fight next?

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