TJ Dillashaw Not Happy With UFC Brooklyn Stoppage

TJ Dillashaw took a huge risk, by going down a weight class to fight the UFC flyweight champion, Henry Cejudo. Dillashaw made weight with relative ease, coming into the fight at 124.5 lbs, and the eyes of the world were fixed on the main event of UFC Brooklyn.

And the fight lasted all of 32 seconds!

Cejudo made quick work of Dillashaw, stopping him in the first round by TKO. While the MMA world congratulated Cejudo for his dominant performance, Dillashaw was not happy at all with the stoppage.

During the post-fight press conference, Dillashaw stated that he believed the fight was stopped early. “It sucks to have it stolen from you”, Dillashaw exclaimed. “I worked my butt off. I’m so much better than that, and it’d be nice to actually to get the chance to show it. It’s a title fight, it’s a ‘champ vs. champ’ fight, and you’re going to stop it like that? I’m on a single leg, he says, ‘Hey, show me something!’ I said, ‘I’m okay’. I’m on a single leg in a scramble, and he stops punching. He’s defending a single leg, and you’re going to stop the fight?”

“It’s just ridiculous, man”, Dillashaw continued. “It’s pretty pathetic that I had more knowledge than that ref.”

“I want to lose if I’m going to lose. Look, congratulations to Henry Cejudo. Awesome, great job, man. But you did not win. You did not win this fight. I’m happy to accept defeat, but I did not lose. I was more rocked in the first Cody (Garbrandt) fight than in that fight. I got clipped — hardly clipped behind the ear — and then a grown man shoving you, of course you’re going to be in a scramble. It’s not like I can stand up and there’s a grown-a** man standing on top of me. So yeah, man. I am, as you can tell, a little frustrated. This sh*t used to happen, again, at flyweight. This is bullsh*t. I worked my ass off for twelve weeks to get here, to have it stolen from me in thirty seconds.”

“I’ll fight tomorrow.”

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