Tony Ferguson Hits Out At Ali Abdelaziz And Dana White

In one of the most eagerly anticipated fights of the year, Tony Ferguson returns this weekend against ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone at UFC 238.

It’ll be this first time we’ve seen ‘El Cucuy’ inside the UFC Octagon since UFC 229 last October, when he beat Anthony Pettis in one of the best fights of 2018.

Since then, the 35 year old has has to deal with some well publicised personal issues. But despite these, Ferguson is back. And he’s as defiant as ever. As he told the media scrum at UFC 238 (as transcribed by MMA Fighting).

“Things have always been good. Everybody has their good days and their bad days, there’s always two sides to a story. I’m not one to throw anybody under a bus, but check this out: I’ll be the first one to step in front of it.”

He may be in a happy place but he’s still at war with Khabib Nurmagomedov’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz. The two regularly go back and forth on Twitter.

“He might have been on the sauce. That’s a Twitter warrior, I get it. I have gif wars, he wants to go gif wars I’ll destroy him all day. But I mean it’s as easy and plain and simple as this, he’s not a fighter, he’s a manager.

“He’s a disappointment to the fans, to my fans, and to the real fans, to the hardcore – I call my fans the hardcore base, that’s the crew. So you hear all those guys saying, ‘champ shit only,’ that’s hardcore. Those are the real fans. Those guys pay the money for the pay-per-views. And the guys like Ali, those are guys that f***ing stream that s***.”

Ferguson also had some harsh words for UFC president, Dana White.

“I think he needs to be evaluated. We need to check his head, I don’t know how many interim title fights he can try to make me f***in’ fight. Straight up, I did everything I needed to do to get back to where I’m at. I’m happy to be here, this ain’t no 30 for 30, this ain’t my time for that shit. I’m outrunning the 20 year olds and I’m out-sprinting the other guys, and as long as I keep doing that shit, don’t feel bad. Don’t ask those dumb questions and let’s keep f***ing moving forward, baby.

“Let’s keep doing this shit and keep singing some good songs and making that barbecue. Cowboy, I’m coming after you, baby, you better be ready.”

Ferguson also spoke to ESPN’s Brett Okamoto this weekend, you can watch that full interview here, along with all our UFC 238 pre-fight videos.

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