Chael Sonnen Reveals His Trash Talking ‘Code’

Not many fighters have had the success in the art of trash talking as Chael Sonnen. Often called the best trash talker in MMA, ‘The American Gangster’ has never shied away from talking ‘smack’ to some of the best fighters in the business.

Speaking on his YouTube channel (as transcribed by, Sonnen decided to share his approach to the art he popularised in the world of MMA – trash talking.

“There is for sure a line,” Sonnen said. “And in fairness, that line does move. I would encourage these guys to just make sure you have a code. Whatever your code is, display it, and then follow it. My code was a little different. I only went for guys that were above me. They either had to be bigger than me in size or above me in the rankings or the champion when I’m ranked number two or something along these lines.”

This is certainly true when we look back at some of his classic quotes. Most of his trash talking highlights included guys like Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, the Nogueira brothers and Wanderlei Silva.

“I didn’t just spread it to everybody. It wasn’t venom everywhere. It wasn’t to different genders, it wasn’t to people beneath me,” Sonnen stated. “That doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what everybody else has to do, but I would share with you, as long as you follow that, as long as you’re not a bully at all, as long as you don’t pick on somebody that’s lower than you, for the most part you’re going to be OK.”

Sonnen last fought last June at Bellator 222, where he lost via second round TKO to Lyoto Machida. Since then, the 43 year old has concentrated on his role as an MMA analyst for ESPN, the UFC, Bellator and his own YouTube channel.

How do you rate the trash talking of Chael Sonnen compared to the today’s trash talkers?

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