Dillon Danis Reportedly Punched At A Nightclub

If you’ve been a fan of MMA for long enough, you must have earned about Dillon Danis. The Bellator MMA fighter initially rose to infamy as one of Conor McGregor’s teammates, who started calling out UFC fighters. The BJJ phenom then signed a deal with Bellator MMA, where he has achieved considerable amount of success.

Dillon Danis’s stake in the sport rose even further during UFC 229, when after beating McGregor, Khabib jumped the cage and leaped onto Danis. While Dillon knows that he is one of the more controversial figures in the sport, he continues to make the most of the situation he is in.

According to reports, Danis was allegedly involved in an altercation last night at an NYC burlesque club, and was sucker-punched in the face! The video was also captured, which has since surfaced online, with shows a man punching Dillon, before being pushed away by Danis’s entourage.

Ariel Helwani then tweeted about the incident, and said he reached out to Danis about the altercation.

“Danis tells me he’s OK”, Helwani wrote on social media. “He didn’t want to elaborate but wrote via text, “Another day in the life of Pablo.””

Daily Mail further quotes a source, saying, “I was scared. It was vicious. Dillon was just sitting down relaxing and that shirtless guy with the yellow garland just attacked him.

“You’re not supposed to take any photos or videos at all in the Box, they throw you out immediately if they see you doing that. But I’m an UFC fan and I knew that was Dillon Danis, so when I saw things were starting to get aggressive I pulled out my phone real quick, then I ran right out of there.

“All the security rushed in and loads of people, including Dillon, ran outside with me. The fight happened right before the show was about to start, I missed the show because of it, I didn’t want to go back in there after that.

“I didn’t hang around to see if the cops got called, I wanted to get as far away from there as possible.”

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