Dustin Poirier Opens Up About Nixed Nate Diaz Fight

Dustin Poirier versus Nate Diaz was a fight that was considered too good to be true. As it turned out, it certainly was just that. All the talk and hype amounted to nothing, as UFC had to nix the match-up. The fans never received an explanation, and Poirier then announced that he was injured.

However, the lightweight took to social media recently to shed some light on why the fight never materialized. When a fan accused Poirier of pulling out, Dustin revealed that it was Nate that didn’t want to fight.

Dustin also answered a fan’s question about what was next for him. “Diamond” revealed that he has a few options on the table, and is waiting for the head honcho to get back to him.

Poirier also revealed that he was willing to fight anyone, provided the money is right.

Dustin Poirier also made it clear that he wants to win the gold in 2019, and is willing to do anything to get his hands on a championship.

“I want a shot at gold”, Dustin wrote. “I’ll do anything it takes to get it but I’m a prize fighter if the prize is right I’ll fight anyone.

“I’ve been in Florida for a few weeks working on my craft. Hopefully in the next week I get something booked.”

Poirier was then asked to fight Max Holloway at 145 lbs. However, Dustin said that he would never drop down to featherweight again.

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