GSP Shares His Thoughts On The Greatest Fighter Of All Time

With the second most number of title fight victories in UFC history and holding titles in two different divisions, Georges St-Pierre is considered the GOAT of MMA by many fans. But GSP has always been skeptical on the concept of GOAT in MMA.

Recently in an interview with TSN (as transcribed by, GSP shared his list of the best fighters of all time.

“Anderson Silva, BJ Penn, Jon Jones, Henry Cejudo — who just retired on Saturday — is one of them as well. Royce Gracie. It depends on what you are looking for. If you look for the role model, the most titles, the victories, the challenges he accomplished. So it’s very hard. But I feel very happy and very honoured to be part of the Hall of Fame and to be considered one of the best guys. So I’m very thrilled.”

GSP would once again make his point that deciding the GOAT of MMA is a tough task.

“There’s a lot of guys that can be considered the greatest fighter,” GSP said. “Being the best fighter, it is something that does not exist. Let me explain that. There will always be someone who will beat you. If there’s, for example, three guys, this guy beats this guy, this guy beats this guy, this guy beats this guy. It’s a clash of styles, that’s the art of fighting. And nobody is invincible. Even if the odds make you the favourite for a fight, you might beat that guy nine times out of them, but that particular night it’s his night and he will beat you. So it’s a very subjective argument, subjective debate.”

During the UFC 249 broadcast, it was announced that GSP is to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. He joins some other legends of the sport in the Modern Era Wing, including BJ Penn, Forrest Griffin, Ronda Rousey.

Do you agree with GSP’s list of the greatest to ever step inside the UFC Octagon?

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