Mike Perry On Colby Covington: I Will Rip His Head From His Neck

It’s safe to say that Mike Perry doesn’t like Colby Covington. Following his impressive win over Alex Oliveira at UFC Fort Lauderdale, this past weenkend, Perry was asked about Covington on The Ariel Helwani Show.

“Yeah f*** him he can suck my dick can’t he. F*** that bitch. I’ll f*** him in his f***ing skull. Screw that motherf***er. I don’t give a f*** about him or his life. I will rip his head from his neck.

“Like I said, and I keep saying this, what’s he going to do? Lean on me, lean on me, lean on me. You can’t lean on me hard enough, you ain’t no truck. And I will hit you if you’re that close to me, and I will poke you in the eye. The referee better be watching, and I don’t care, I sure don’t.”

Perry also spoke to TMZ Sports, where he echoed his thoughts on Covington.

“I want to grab him and stick my thumb in his eye and bite his ears off, and rip his face apart and rip his head from his neck.”

Covington is due to challenge Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight title next. While there is already speculation that Perry will fight Darren Till next. You can see what Perry had to say about fighting Till here.

How much would you like to see Mike Perry vs Colby Covington?

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