Mansour Barnaoui Wins $1 Million Lightweight Championship At ROAD FC 053

At ROAD FC 053, Mansour Barnaoui def Kwon A-Sol by submission, becoming the new lightweight champion, and also walked away with $1 million!

ROAD FC 054: La In-Jae To Defend Middleweight Title Against Yang Hae-Jun

La In-Jae will defend his ROAD FC Middleweight title against Yang Hae-Jun at ROAD FC 054, while kickboxing legend Jerome Le Banner returns at ROAD FC 053

Mansour Barnaoui KO’s Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Cousin With Flying Knee

Mansour Barnaoui knockouts Khabib Nurmagomedov’s cousin Shamil Zavurov, with a wicked flying knee, at ROAD FC 052.

ROAD FC 052: Mansour Barnaoui Wins $1 Million Tournament With A Stunning KO

Mansour Barnaoui won the $1 Million Tournament with a stunning knockout win over Shamil Zavurov at ROAD FC 052