Tyron Woodley Reveals He Hasn’t Signed The Contract To Fight Robbie Lawler

Few days ago, various outlets had reported that Tyron Woodley will be re-matching Robbie Lawler at UFC on ESPN 4 on June 29th. In their first meeting, Woodley knocked out Lawler to win the UFC Welterweight Championship. With Usman beating Woodley, and Askren defeating Lawler albeit under controversial circumstances, a rematch between the two made sense.

That was until Tyron Woodley revealed to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani that he still hasn’t signed the contract to fight Lawler!

“Brett (Okamoto) might want to call me first before writing up some stuff”, Woodley told Helwani last night. “You have to talk to my manager (for more details).”

Upon further prodding, Woodley revealed that he still hasn’t signed the fight contract.

“I want my belt back. I’m just trying to find out the best route to get my belt back. I want to be paid what I’m worth, so as long as those things interact together, then I’m pretty much willing to fight anyone besides flip-flops (Askren).”

“I believe I should get instant rematch, but I know that’s not going to happen. Because ‘Marty’ and Covington have a nice little beef going back and forth. So you got to wait around and let Masvidal knock out Till and Anthony knock out Wonderboy, and let these other welterweight matches happen. And I’m sitting behind performance-based spot now. It’s not about rankings, it’s not about what you did for me lately. It’s about performance, your last outing. So these guys’ last outing was a phenomenal one, while my last outing was basically was me having a bad dream.”

“I can’t be confident that I’m going to sit right there and jump right into a rematch. So therefore, I have to be willing to take a fight in between.”

“If that’s what I got to do (fight Robbie) and the money’s right, and it makes sense, then I’m not against it. But have I signed a bout agreement? Have you seen an announcement on ufc.com yet? Not yet.”

When asked specifically if he signed the contract yet, Woodley said, “He might’ve signed it. My manager’s going to look after my best interests and make sure that everything involving this fight benefits me. I beat him fair and square. I knocked him out, no controversy there. I’m only willing to take fights that are going to take me back to my belt. I’m not trying to do two, three, four fights. I’m trying to do one; one and done. Then I need to get my strap back, so they’re making sure everything is right.”

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