UFC: Colby Covington Hits Out At ‘Street Judas’ Jorge Masvidal

According to UFC president Dana White, we can look forward to Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal at UFC 252. The holder of the UFC welterweight title vs the holder of the ‘BMF’ title. But don’t get too excited. ‘Gamebred’s’ former best friend Colby Covington, doesn’t think the fight will happen.

Speaking on BJPENN.com Radio, Covington said that Masvidal won’t risk losing all his ‘hype’ fighting Usman, when he can instead wait for a money fight with Conor McGregor.

“I mean, I think the plan is pretty clear, I wait for my rematch because that’s what I rightfully deserve. I don’t think it’s going to come to fruition because I think Journeyman Jorge Masvidal AKA Street Judas—If you guys know who Judas is from the Bible—he’s not going to sign the dotted line because he’s going to want to wait for that Conor fight. He’s going to want to wait for big money fights. He’s not going to want to fight Marty Fake Newsman and risk losing all the hype that he has, because that’s all Journeymen Jorge Masvidal is right now, hype.”

And should Masvidal not fight Usman, that will suit Covington just fine. Then ‘Chaos’ can get the immediate rematch he says he deserves.

“Let me tell you that he hit lightning in a bottle. Big f***ing deal. The dude’s got fifteen f***ing losses on his record. He sucks at f***ing fighting. He’s a piece of s*** f***ing person. You know. This is coming from someone who used to live with him and knows all the ins and outs about him. He’s a f***ing dirtbag and there’s a reason, f***ing a lot of his family doesn’t even talk to him anymore. So I don’t think he’s going to sign the dotted line against Marty Fake Newsman, and then I’m getting my f***ing rematch. That’s going to be that.”

But should Masvidal and Usman fight as planned, Covington says he’ll just wait to fight the winner.

“If they do fight, either way, I’m young as f***. I’ll wait for the f***ing winner. That’s what’s going to happen. I’ve already won a UFC f***ing title. I’ve already done things never done before in this world. Go to the White House, hang out with the president. I have nothing else to prove, but fighting for what I deserve and what I earned, and that’s a world championship. That’s what the people want. I’m the People’s Champ for a reason, so give the people what they want. Give them the gift of Colby for the UFC welterweight championship.”

UFC Tyron Woodley and Leon Edwards

Meanwhile, while Covington is planning his route back to another title shot, Masvidal is also eyeing up future opponents. Speaking to Submission Radio during his current trip to Australia, Jorge was asked about the possibility of facing Leon Edwards in the future.

“If Leon wins the fight, it’s going to happen. Me and him are going to definitely fight, because now he’s a very strong candidate for the fight.”

Edwards faces Tyron Woodley in the UFC London main event next month. At last year’s UFC London event, Jorge and Leon infamously had an altercation backstage.

But while Masvidal would be keen on facing Edwards, he wouldn’t be so enthusiastic in fighting Woodley. Unless the UFC welterweight title was on the line.

“In the case of Woodley, if I had to pick a guy I wouldn’t fight, it would be him. That’s not a guy that I want to fight. But if we’re going fight, if we’re both in position for the belt, yeah, we’ll do it. And there’d be no heat about it. Afterwards, we’d go hang out, eat food, talk s***. Me and Woodley have a really good relationship and we see things really similar. It’s just business. It’s nothing personal.”

How do you think 2020 will play out for Colby Covington, Jorge Masvidal, Leon Edwards, Tyron Woodley and Kamaru Usman?

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