UFC: Owen Roddy On McGregor, ‘Cowboy’, Khabib And The BMF Title

Since losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov just over one year ago at UFC 229, Conor McGregor has made more headlines for his actions outside of the Octagon than inside it. That has changed in recent weeks, with Conor teasing of an imminent return. And his striking coach Owen Roddy, can’t wait to see him back inside the Octagon.

In the thirteen months since he last fought, there has been speculation that the Irishman was set to part ways with SBG Ireland ahead of his next training camp. But after John Kavanagh confirmed that he will be in McGregor’s corner for his return, Coach Roddy has also now stated that he will be part of the team. As he confirmed to MMA Junkie.

“Yup, yup, yup – yeah definitely, yeah,”

‘The Notorious’ recently stated that he will return at UFC 246, on January 18th. Although he didn’t say who is opponent would be, UFC president Dana White has stated that the plan is to make the McGregor vs ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone fight. But added that the fight isn’t even close to being confirmed.

If McGregor vs ‘Cowboy’ does go down at UFC 246, Roddy is expecting an exciting striking battle.

“If it is ‘Cowboy,’ it would be an exciting fight, yeah. I said this a couple of months ago: ‘Cowboy’ and Conor is a great fight for the fans. Two guys that are exciting strikers – although ‘Cowboy’ is phenomenal on the ground, as well, but I think if it was a fight between them, it would be a striking battle, and I think it would be one for the fans, so if it is that, it’ll be an exciting one.”

Whether it will be ‘Cowboy’ standing across from McGregor or not on his return to the Octagon, Roddy affirmed that the former UFC two division champion is in ‘phenomenal’ physical shape.

“I know he’s working very hard. There’s no official date set yet, but Conor’s been training very hard, as you can see. He’s in good nick. If you’re looking at any of the pictures, he’s in phenomenal shape, he’s ready to go. I’m sure everybody’s excited to see him back.”

The ultimate goal for Team McGregor is to run back the fight with Khabib. And although Roddy gives the UFC lightweight champion full credit for his win at UFC 229, he fully believes the result will be different in a rematch.

“It was a tricky fight, and take nothing away from Khabib, he came in with a great game plan. He got off, and he executed. but I just don’t think Conor was anywhere near the best of his ability. He wasn’t as good as he can be, and Conor on a night, at one hundred percent, can beat anybody in the world.”

Since McGregor last fought, Jorge Masvidal has become a huge star in the UFC, and Roddy, who thought the BMF title fight was ‘brilliant’, believes that if the two of them were to step inside the Octagon, it would make for a ‘cracking fight’.

“I thought it was brilliant; great marketing from the UFC. Obviously it was Nate [Diaz] that kind of brought it into an existence, but yeah, I love it. I love the idea, it’s a lovely belt, and Masvidal last week, he put on an amazing display and he’s rightfully the ‘BMF’ at the moment, but yeah, that would be a cool one down the line.”

“Yeah, most definitely, who wouldn’t want to see that fight? It would be a cracking fight.”

But for the time being, Coach Owen Roddy just wants to see Conor McGregor back inside the UFC Octagon.

“I just want to see Conor back in. I think everybody just wants to see Conor back in the UFC, bring back that spectacle that is his fights. Nobody does it like Conor, and for me, I just want to see him back in there. Whatever happens after that, who knows?”

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