Conor McGregor Is Being Sued Over Smashed Phone

It was only a matter of time as to when this headline would be written, after it emerged that Conor McGregor had taken someone’s phone and smashed it, a few days ago.

Ahmed Abdirzak, the 22 year old man whose phone it was, has filed a lawsuit, in which he seeks upwards of $15,000, accusing McGregor of battery, assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The incident happened at 5am on Monday, outside the Fontainebleau hotel nightclub, in Miami, Florida. You can read all about it and the aftermath here. And you can watch footage of the incident here.

After being arrested later that day, McGregor was released that evening on a $12,500 bond for one count of strong-arm robbery and one count of criminal mischief.

The former UFC double champion’s criminal defence attorney said Abdirzak’s lawsuit is “a quick effort seeking a payday.”

McGregor has only just finished his community service that he was handed for the infamous UFC 223 bus attack, last week.

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