Conor McGregor: We’re Very Close To Announcing My Return

Conor McGregor has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons since he last stepped inside the Octagon at UFC 229. Despite the adversities away from the cage, the former UFC two division champion is adamant that he will return to action in the very near future.

Speaking to the media at a press conference he held in Ukraine this Wednesday (as transcribed by ESPN), the Irishman discussed his next plans regarding his next UFC fight.

“We’re very close to announcing it, not just yet, but surely over the course of this trip we should have an announcement. That’s what we’re aiming for,” a very hopeful McGregor stated.

The “Notorious” blasted the ‘politics of prize’ and said that it is one of the reasons why he is barring him from his return in action inside the octagon.

“I used to fight every couple of weeks, really, before the UFC came, then it was every couple of months, now the politics of the prize got involved, and it’s almost, I fight one and then I go off. I do not like that. You can’t be like that in this game. I must continue.”

Another factor was the constant competition because according to McGregor, competing consistently at a high level helps him to stay on tip top shape.

“Consistency is another word. You must be consistent. Once we get past the politics of this, I will continue to go. I’ve had very little damage inside the Octagon. So I’m eager to get going and continue. Like if I look at the run I had up to Eddie Alvarez, when I won the second world title, it was consecutive bouts … bout, bout bout,” pointed out McGregor.

“So I went into that Eddie Alvarez fight sharp and aware, fully prepared. And what happened that night was one of the greatest performances in any title fight ever in the UFC. So that’s what we’re looking to continue on the next time,” he added.

McGregor and Frankie Edgar recently agreed to a fight online, but this was quickly shot down by UFC president Dana White. Conor dismissed any idea that money had been a stumbling block in getting him back inside the Octagon.

“They were saying we won’t make enough money on the Frankie fight, I was like, I don’t care. Don’t worry about me. Give my purse to charity. But for whatever reason it’s being made difficult. But like I said, we’re almost there. It’s never easy with this crowd.”

The winner of 21 out of 25 professional matches also hit out at the promotion for not allowing him to return for a fight this year. 

“I just want to compete now, I was trying to get on the December 14th card. For whatever reason, they’ve been holding me back. I’m giving them dates. I’m saying I want to fight this date, this date, this date in a row. And we had opponents selected and everything and they’re just making it very difficult for me for whatever reason,” McGregor revealed.

Now, under a Russian sponsor, Conor McGregor looks to create a martial arts event to jump start his trail back in his old glory days and that event will come soon enough before the year ends.

“So now I’m kind of in a position where I’m attempting to set up an event, a charity event. I’ve done this before in my hometown, but I’ve done it as an amateur boxing event in my old boxing club. But I want to do it in mixed martial arts competition, also. Create an event, find an opponent, compete, zero prize. I do not care about the prize. The prize is in my home. I have five prizes in my home that I seek to get; I got them. I just want to compete now. I want to come back, I want to get sharp, I want to show the best of myself, and continue to climb. That’s what I’m seeking to do, so we’re looking to do that some time in December. Hopefully have a charity mixed martial arts event for zero prize, the prize will go to charity,” wrapped up McGregor.

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