Maycee Barber Says She Can Defeat Valentina Shevchenko And Weili Zhang

Maycee Barber is set to fight at UFC Boston, and the 21-year old is undefeated in MMA, with a perfect 7-0 record. You can never say she is short of confidence, as she previously expressed her belief of becoming the youngest UFC champion in history.

Talking to the media ahead of her fight with Gillian Robertson this Friday, Barber might have went a little too far. Maycee Barber told the media that not only can she beat flyweight queen Valentina Shevchenko, but could also ‘dominate’ the new UFC Strawweight Champion, Weili Zhang.

“I’m not trying to rush anything”, Barber said at UFC Boston’s media day (h/t “Technically, I believe if I was offered the fight with Valentina tomorrow I’d go in there and I truly believe I could win that fight and I could do everything to go out there and to win that fight. And, I believe it would be a fight and I believe that I would win that title. But, why do it right now? Why not take the next couple years and not just go out there and fight her, but go out there and dominate her.”

Maycee Barber made her UFC debut at strawweight, but after explaining how she had to be on a ridiculous diet to hit the 115 lb mark, she has decided to move up a weight class. However, that doesn’t mean she will have any problems with Zhang Weili, according to her.

“That’s the one I believe I could take right now I could go in and just dominate that fight”, Barber said. “Valentina could be back-and-forth and I believe I could take that title still, but I would rather have it be a beatdown than a back-and-forth brawl.”

Barber and Robertson both weighed in at 126 lbs, thus making their fight official for UFC Boston.

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