NSAC Fine And Suspend Khabib And McGregor

The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) voted unanimously to fine and suspend UFC stars Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor on Tuesday. The hearing took place in Las Vegas, Nevada and was for their respective roles in a post fight fracas at UFC 229, last October.

The pair received similar fines. McGregor was suspended for six months and Nurmagomedov for nine, although this will be reduced to six months if he participates in a local anti-bullying campaign. The suspensions were significantly different though. While McGregor received a fine of $50,000, Nurmagomedov received a much bigger fine of $500,000.

The difference in fines didn’t go down well with Khabib’s manager Ali Abdelaziz, who told Ariel Helwani that it was ‘bulls***’.

Whilst his manager wasn’t happy, Khabib didn’t appear to be letting the hearing bother him.

When Khabib does wake up, he’ll find himself $750,000 worse off, according to Ariel.

While McGregor didn’t receive as big a fine as Khabib, he may have to watch his language in the future, to avoid further fines from the NSAC. NSAC executive director Bob Bennett, said that the commission needs to rein in some of the language used by the fighters, saying that some of the trash talk was ‘unacceptable’.

“It’s gotten to the point with some of the unarmed combatants where it’s become totally unacceptable. There are not any other athletes, as far as I’m aware of, that have spoke at press conferences in the way that Mr. McGregor has. Although we have no precedence for it, I think it’s something that we should look to in the future and we should rein it in.

“[McGregor’s] press conference at the Radio City Music Hall was obviously under the jurisdiction of the New York Athletic Commission. The one that took place here…his language was a lot cleaner. I didn’t see any reason to add that to the settlement agreement, but I definitely think unequivocally that it’s something we need to take a more active role in and hold fighters accountable for their language.”

Punishments were also handed out to Nurmagomedov’s cousin, Abubakar Nurmagomedov and teammate Zubaira Tukhugov, who both received a one-year suspension and $25,000 fine.

McGregor’s team mate Dillon Danis, who fights for Bellator MMA, is also facing a punishment but his case will be resolved at a later date. It is not known as to why Danis’ case wasn’t brought up.

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