UFC: Daniel Cormier Isn’t Buying Jon Jones’ Recent Admission

After years of speculation, Jon Jones recently admitted to hiding underneath the cage at the Jackson Wink MMA Academy to avoid being drug tested. The admission that came during a huge back-and-forth with Israel Adesanya on social media, sent shockwaves through the MMA community. Despite the confession, many questioned the legitimacy of the former UFC light heavyweight champion’s confession. Including his former rival, Daniel Cormier.

Cormier Isn’t Buying It

Speaking on the ‘DC’ and Helwani Show (transcribed by Middle Easy), Cormier gave his thoughts on the hot topic.

“[When I saw Jones confess] I was like ‘Wow, it was actually true,’” Cormier said. “Because I had heard it. I heard it for years, but I didn’t use it [as trash talk] because I couldn’t prove that it was true. It was true. 

“The reality is, if it’s true, and with Jones’ history, if you believe that it was for marijuana you’re as stupid as him. You’re as dumb as him because come on, that’s the dumbest excuse. ‘I smoked that, so that’s why.’ Come on man. That’s not true, man. Come on. I’m sorry Jones, I’m not buying it. I’m sorry Jones. You were cheating man. You were cheating just like all those other times and you got scared. He hid underneath the Octagon, but boy you’ve got to have a criminal mindset to know that that’s the place they’re not going to look.”

“This Was Not Done Individually”

Cormier was also quick to point out that Jones’ team at Jackson Wink were also implicate in ‘Bones’ hiding from the NSAC.

“That probably should have been rock bottom,” Cormier said. “Honestly. Like ‘Oh I’m doing things so wrong that I’m hiding underneath the Octagon from drug testers. Jeeze man, but the discipline to sit under there all that time is crazy.

“Listen, the guy failed drug tests on multiple occasions after we fought, before we fought. I know that the guy does bad things, so to hear that that was real it was very discouraging. It sucks because like I said a number of times, I don’t think the guy needed all that stuff to win the fights. He could win a fight with anybody any time. He just does not need to be doing those things.

“What about the rest of the people though? How do you look at everybody else? This was not done individually. So who else was involved in him doing that? You know what I’m saying? You’ve got to look at a lot of people in that gym and go wow, you guys are kind of dirty a little bit.”

What do you think of Daniel Cormier’s recent comments on Jon Jones?

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