Anderson Silva: UFC Vegas 12 ‘Probably’ Last Fight In UFC

The main event at UFC Vegas 12 this weekend will feature a matchup between former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, and Uriah Hall. Ahead of the fight, much of the talk has been the retirement speculation surrounding ‘The Spider.’

Both Silva and UFC president Dana White have suggested that this will be his last fight. Speaking ESPN (transcribed by MMA Mania) however, the 45-year-old stated that he could continue fighting, just not necessarily under the UFC banner.

“Probably this is my last fight in UFC, probably,” Silva said. “But let’s see. This is the last fight but probably something change. Let’s go see the result. I am very focused right now in this fight, and then let’s go see the future.”

Silva, regarded as one of the greats of the sport, would go on to state that he is still technically under contract for two more fights with the promotion. However, it remains to be seen if the UFC will release the Brazilian from his contract after this weekend.

“I do [have two fights left], but fight is fight and maybe something change, but this is last fight in UFC, probably. It’s tough to talk about whether this is the last or not. But in UFC, this is probably the last one. I have my contract, I signed, and I do my best. I work, do my part because I’m a professional.

“And of course, maybe I don’t fight anymore in UFC and of course I go fight outside,” he continued. “Why? Because the people can’t stop my job. That don’t make sense. If this is not the last fight in UFC then okay. But if this is the last fight in UFC, of course I go fight in other event. I don’t know, but right now it is he last fight in UFC.”

Do you think Anderson Silva can get the ‘W’ against Uriah Hall this weekend at UFC Vegas 12, in potentially his last fight inside the Octagon?

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