Colby Covington And Dana White Discuss Their Interaction

Colby Covington has been causing mayhem ever since he arrived in Las Vegas for UFC 235 fight week. Starting off by crashing Kamaru Usman’s Open Workout, which you can see here. Usman was of course chosen ahead of Covington to face the champion, Tyron Woodley, for the title this weekend.

Covington then upped the stakes by confronting UFC President Dana White, whist he was playing blackjack in Palms Casino, and threatening to trash his car. You can watch these videos here.

Since the videos went viral online, both Covington and White have commented on their interaction. And not surprisingly, both their accounts on what followed, once Covington turned his camera off, are very different.

Covington told Luke Thomas that Dana was really pissed off.

“He was pissed. He was real pissed. But I don’t give a shit. I’m not here to make him happy and I wanted to let him know that this ain’t fair. There’s justice. You robbed me out of a title fight this week. I’m supposed to be fighting for the title. All the fans want to see me fight for the title, they don’t want to see f***ing ‘Snoozeman’.

On the other hand, Dana said it wasn’t a big issue. As he told TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter.

“People think I hate this kid, I don’t hate this kid, in any way, shape or form.

“That thing, the way it went down, it looks much worse than it is… I jumped up and he stopped filming immediately and we talked.”

Should Covington get the winner of this weekend’s UFC 235 co-main event, between Tyron Woodley and Kamaru Usman?

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