Leon Edwards Calls Out Gilbert Burns And ‘Little Weasel’ Colby Covington

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Leon Edwards lost a key opportunity to lock-up a shot at the UFC’s welterweight title. As a result, ‘Rocky’ is hoping to battle Gilbert Burns or Colby Covington next, and he sounds confident his winning ways will continue.

On account of an eight-fight winning streak that Edwards started all the way back in 2015, the British fighter was booked to fight former champ Tyron Woodley in March. But, due to the coronavirus pandemic, UFC London never happened, and Burns was signed to face ‘The Chosen One’ in May at UFC Vegas.

Burns proceeded to win that bout and was tapped to fight Usman at UFC 251. But, ‘Durinho’ was removed from the main event last week, after it was revealed he tested positive for COVID-19. Jorge Masvidal agreed to face the champ on short notice.

So, as a result of all that’s transpired, what does Edwards think the UFC has planned for him?

Speaking to MMA Fighting (as transcribed by BJ Penn.com), Edwards said he thinks a fight with Burns could get tabled. He also thinks, however, that both men could be tapped for title shots .

“I see them coming back and saying you and Gilbert want to fight for the title, why don’t you fight each other for the number one contender spot then fight for the title? I can see that happening or me getting the title shot straight away or vice versa. What I think they will do is they will come [and say] one more probably before the title shot and go from there. I’d be up for that if it is a guaranteed title shot up next.”

It’s worth noting, however, that as UFC 251 neared, UFC President Dana White acknowledged that Burns would likely face the winner of Usman versus Jorge Masvidal. So, it will be interesting to see if indeed, the promotion approaches Edwards about facing the decorated grappler.

Who Does Edwards Want To Battle Next?

But who does Edwards want to fight? If a title shot doesn’t materialise? The talented fighter made it clear that he’d also be down to fight Colby Covington.

“The number one contender spot which is the Brazilian [Gilbert Burns], he is ranked number one. He dominated the guy I was supposed to dominate. So, probably him… It has to be in the contract that I’m guaranteed a title shot,” he explained. “There is no way I’m going nine, ten fights without fighting for the title. Anyone above me really. Colby, I don’t really like him, I think he is a little weasel, he would be a good fight as well. Anyone above me really. Any of them two above me can get the smoke, either-or.”

It will be interesting to see what happens with Edwards. When you consider the only person to beat him since 2014 is Usman, there’s no doubt ‘Rocky’ deserves a title shot. Or, a title shot eliminator with the likes of Burns or Covington.

But, since Edwards isn’t a household name outside of the United Kingdom, getting Covington on board to face him could be tough. Especially when you consider ‘Chaos’ has been driving hard for a rematch with Usman or a fight with his former best friend, Masvidal.

Who would you like to see Leon Edwards fight next?

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