Maycee Barber: It’s A Dream Of Mine To Fight On Same Card As McGregor

Maycee Barber burst on the UFC scene in 2018, when she scored a TKO finish over Jamie Colleen on Dana White’s Contender Series. Since then, the 21 year old has won all three visits to the UFC Octagon. Next month, ‘The Future’ is set to make her UFC pay-per-view debut at UFC 246. But whereas the prospect of making your PPV debut would be a big milestone for many fighters, for Barber, another dream could come true. If speculation is true and Conor McGregor is on the card.

Speaking to Submission Radio, Barber pounded on the idea of taking part in a “The Notorious” headlined UFC event.

“Honestly, that was a big dream of mine. You never know when Conor’s going to be done fighting honestly, and that is something that I could not have asked to be on a card than with Conor McGregor. Like, that was a goal of mine and a dream of mine, and I didn’t want to get too invested in that and just completely have my mindset on that because you cannot tell Conor McGregor what he’s going to do and you can’t just plan on it,” Maycee said (as transcribed by The Mac Life).

As announced by McGregor himself in a press conference last October 24th, he is set to return on January 18th at UFC 246 to fight an unnamed opponent, who is alleged to be Donald Cerrone. Barber’s personally requested the Las Vegas-based company to book her a fight on that specific date, where she will officially face Roxanne Modafferi.

“So, I didn’t want to get hopes up too high, but that’s definitely been something that I really wanted to do, and I feel like it’s part of history. He’s one of the biggest in the UFC. He is the biggest in the UFC and in a lot of the fight world. And to be able to share a card with him and be on one, that is incredible,” Maycee stated.

“I asked for this date and I kind of had the understanding that he was gonna be on the card. But again, I didn’t want to be like, alright, he’s gonna be the main event. But that’s kind of what I heard. So, yeah,” she added.

The fighter from Roufusport further detailed why she’s a big fan the former two-division UFC Champion.

“I always try to learn something from people who have made it big in this sport. I also try to learn everything from as many people as I can. But in terms of like just the energy and the energy of the people surrounding it and the people watching. But also I do, I like to see how fighters like Conor McGregor carry themselves. Like, throughout fight week, or if it ever happens to be in the back or however it works out.”

“To be able to see how other fighters carry themselves throughout fight week and the night of the fight, is something that I always try to do. And then also, just to know that if he knows that I’m on the same card as him and knowing that he’s watching my fight, that’s also a goal. That’s also something that I like to think about, because I want to impress people that I look up to. So, yeah, just all around a good situation.”

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