Stamp Fairtex Seeking Out A Grappler Next

Muay Thai sensation and rising MMA star Stamp Fairtex is making use of her time on lockdown to plot her much-expected return to the ONE Circle. Though it was recently announced that ONE events will be postponed into July, it appears that the ONE atomweight Muay Thai champion will waste no time finding fights when the lockdown ends.

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Stamp is part of a power couple alongside her boyfriend and ONE flyweight Muay Thai champion Rodtang ‘The Iron Man’ Jitmuangnon, who also announced a recent interest to compete in MMA. It seems likely, then, that she is getting in good pad work and other MMA training sessions while on lockdown.

Speaking to ONE Championship, Stamp laid out her plans for her return, singling out her old rival Janet ‘JT’ Todd.

“I would like to go back to training like normal and get back in the ring to take my world title back [from Todd]. I would like to chase my dream in mixed martial arts, too. I still want to be the three sport World Champion,” explained Stamp.

Though world renowned for her skills as a Thai boxer, Stamp is unbeaten in mixed martial arts competitions with a 4-0 record and has garnered significant interest given, that she matches up provocatively with many in the sport. For example, wrestling powerhouse Ritu ‘The Indian Tigress’ Phogat and star judoka Itsuki ‘Strong Heart Fighter’ Hirata have both named her as a desired future opponent. And the 22 year old seems game for each fight.   

“I met Ritu before, we fought in the same event. She is shorter but bigger than me. We have different body types,” Stamp recalled of her potential opponent.

“As for Itsuki, she is good at the ground game. She won against Rika Ishige, but that’s because Rika was smaller. Itsuki has more experience in mixed martial arts than Ritu. I think a fight between Itsuki and I would be crazy because we both really go for it.”

No one doubts Stamp’s stand-up abilities. But how she fairs against elite and gold-medal grapplers remains an open question. Indeed, it remains a question Stamp herself seeks to answer, as fights against either Phogat or Hirata would put her across the ONE Circle from two of the very best in the division.

Of course, the dream matchup in the minds of many is one between Stamp and the ONE atomweight champion, Angela Lee. However, the ONE Muay Thai champion says this is probably not very close on her horizon given her admitted lack of experience in the grappling game.  

“I know I am not ready and good enough with the ground game yet [to challenge Angela],” she said in earnest. “For Ritu or Itsuki, I can face both of them. I have no problem with that.”

The litmus test will be an interesting one as the striking superstar and beloved figure continues to develop herself as a mixed martial artist.

Who would you like to see Stamp Fairtex fight next?

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