UFC – Robert Whittaker: I Think Khabib Is Phenomenal

Former UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker, is scheduled to face Jared Cannonier in a title eliminator bout at UFC 254 in October. A card headlined by Khabib Nurmagomedov’s lightweight title defence against Justin Gaethje.

While speaking on a recent episode of Submission Radio (transcribed by BJPenn.com), Whittaker had nothing but good things to say about Khabib.

“I think Khabib is phenomenal,” Whittaker said. “One, he’s very respectful and honourable. I think he’s a stand-up role model for the sport and for people alike. I think that’s how you should act, especially us as warriors going into battle. I think that’s the respect and the honour you have to give your opponent. That’s the first one, that’s my thing. I think GSP did a good job of that as well. And there are a lot of other fighters, but that’s the train I’m thinking of.

“Two, it’s just Khabib’s fighting prowess and style, man. Like, everyone knows what he’s gonna do. Everyone knows what he’s gonna do, and no one can stop him. No one can stop him. And it’s no secret. He doesn’t’ come into fights with new game plans, he doesn’t come into fights, it just doesn’t matter because he just knows that he’s gonna take you down and bash the shit out of you. That’s it every fight. Same game plan, same layout. He knows.

“It’s amazing,” Whittaker continued. “It is amazing to have that sort of level of anything in the game. Because there has been good and very high-level guys in the game across the history. There’s been a lot of high-level guys with those sort of skillsets, where people know what to do, and then they start to work them out and they start to counter them, and then you see everyone switch onto it and the guy can’t quite get to his game plan anymore. Not with Khabib. Khabib does it. He makes it work no matter what. And that is amazing. Amazing. Especially at the level that he’s at. I think that’s amazing.”

Khabib is arguably facing his toughest test to date come October, when he and Gaethje face off. However, that doesn’t seem to faze Whittaker’s stance on the lightweight champion.

“I don’t see him losing. I don’t see him losing ever.”

Do you think Robert Whittaker and Khabib Nurmagomedov win their respective fights at UFC 254?

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