UFC: Poirier On Conor, Khabib, Tony, Justin, Cowboy, Nick, Nate And More

Ever since losing to Conor McGregor five years ago and then immediately returning to lightweight, Dustin Poirier has been on a tear. Not only has he lost only twice in his twelve fights since, all against the best fighters in the UFC lightweight division, the 30 year old has become one of the most popular and respected fighters in the UFC.

After his last fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 242, Poirier underwent surgery on his hip. Speaking to MMA Fighting last week, five weeks on from the surgery, Poirier detailed exactly what the operation on his hip involved.

“They had to re-shape the head of my femur back round. They had to trim my hip socket up a little bit. I had a lot of extra bone growth just from years of stressing it out. Because of that bone growth, it caused an impingement in my hip, which tore my labrum off the bone,” Poirier explained. “So they repaired my labrum, re-anchored it to the hip socket and then shaved all my bones smooth again.”

Over the last few weeks, in between all the rehab sessions on his hip, Poirier has been taking to Twitter to answer lots of his fans’ questions. During these little Q&A sessions, ‘The Diamond’ has answered questions on his past fights with McGregor, Khabib, Justin Gaethje and Max Holloway, big fights coming up, when he expects to return to the UFC Octagon, and a lot more.

With so many great and insightful answers, we decided to put together all of his best tweets from the last few weeks, into one post.

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