Colby Covington And Jorge Masvidal Trade Blows Post UFC 251

Colby Covington has been one of the protagonists of a stacked UFC welterweight division in the last few years. In his last outing, ‘Chaos’ challenged Kamaru Usman for the belt at UFC 245, arguably winning the fight until the last round where he was stopped.

Covington was quick to give his take on the main event of UFC 251, in which his former opponent Usman and his friend-turned-foe Jorge Masvidal fought for UFC gold. Speaking to Submission Radio (as transcribed by TheMacLife), ‘Chaos’ criticised the champion’s game plan during Saturday’s event, and said he was boring to watch.

“He’s a boring fighter, that’s why they call him Snoozeman. He puts fans to sleep. He’s out there playing footsie, he’s the ultimate footsie championship, he’s stomping on his foot the whole time, he’s hugging him against the cage, whispering stupid s*** in Street Judas’ ear the whole time. Who wants to see that shit? That s***’s not entertaining, I feel bad for whoever bought the pay-per-view.”

However, the criticism was not directed only towards the champion. Covington also put his former teammate, Masvidal, on blast, labelling him as an easy opponent.

“I don’t need to fight him to prove my greatness in this organisation,” Covington said. “My legacy won’t be defined by fighting journeymen like him. I could care less if I ever fight him, I’m gonna get my rematch with Marty Fakenewsman. … I’d fight [Masvidal] for free. That’s the easiest money fight I could ever get. … It’s such an easy fight, I don’t need any money to fight that guy. Of course, I’d sign that fight.”

‘Chaos’ also detailed his last sparring with the Miami native, saying he put ‘Gamebred’ to sleep with a head kick. Covington has since left American Top Team, where he trained with Masvidal for nearly a decade.

“He has no chance to last five rounds with me, and he knows that deep down inside that I have a different level to my game than Marty Fakenewsman,” Covington said. “He knows that deep down inside. That’s why he’s not gonna step in the Octagon with me. Last time we trained, he got knocked out unconscious with a high kick. I faked a takedown, came up. So, he knows who his Daddy is. I’m Jorge Masvidal’s father. That is my son. I’m the King of Miami. I’m Miami’s King, and anybody can come get it. I ain’t gonna pick and choose easy fights and try and say who I’m gonna fight, I’m gonna take anybody, cause I’m the best in the world and that’s what the best in the world does.”

The disdain between the two athletes is not one-sided by any stretch. After his title fight loss against Usman, Masvidal was quick to dismiss Covington as a potential next opponent. Given how both performed against ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’, ‘Gamebred’ believes that his level is far superior to that of his former best friend.

“The fragile guy with the MAGA hat, definitely not him,” Masvidal said at the UFC 251 post fight press conference (as transcribed by MMA Fighting). “Cause he got finished by this guy with a full training camp. He had like 12 weeks and he got finished by that guy. That guy’s below me and this dude by a lot.

“Six days’ notice and I was nowhere near getting hurt or getting put out. The gas tank wasn’t the best but I wasn’t going nowhere as far as damage goes. Everybody could see that. So definitely not that punk.”

Masvidal highlighted that while he was able to last five rounds against Usman without absorbing significant damage, Covington got stopped by the champion and suffered from a broken jaw. In the BMF title winner’s eyes, Covington is not a potential future opponent for his popularity — or lack thereof — and his inferior fighting skills.

“Besides you and a couple reporters in here, nobody knows that guy,” Masvidal said. “And he just got finished by the guy that I fought on six days’ notice. He got his jaw broken, had to run out of there.

“I don’t think he’s at this level. But I don’t know who it’s going to be. Whoever makes the most sense for us.”

Despite showing no interest in facing each other any time soon, Masvidal and Covington’s storyline, rivalry, and — most importantly — combat skills will see fans continue to discuss a fight between the two.

As Usman solidifies his dominance as a champion, the division seems to have more top level contenders every day. The likes of Leon Edwards, Gilbert Burns, and ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson could all be a win away from challenging for the strap. With Masvidal and Covington still in the race for the belt, the future of the UFC welterweight division looks bright.

How do you think a fight between Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal would play out?

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