Rafael Cordeiro Says Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr Isn’t Just An Exhibition

The California State Athletic Commission recently clarified that the bout taking place between Roy Jones Jr. vs Mike Tyson was nothing more than an exhibition match. There will be no declared winner, with no official scorecard in place, and that “neither man should be going for a knockout.” Tyson’s training coach Rafael Cordeiro however, doesn’t believe this will happen.

Not Just An Exhibition

Tyson has 50 wins in his professional career, 44 of which have come by knockout. And although the 54 year-old hasn’t fought since 2006, the man he hired to get him back in shape this year says ‘Iron Mike’ is taking the bout much more seriously than a simple comeback exhibition.

While in an interview with MMA Fighting, Cordiero gave his thoughts on the matter.

“Two legends in the ring, they both are going for the finish,” Cordeiro said. “The fight has three judges and a referee, so it’s a real fight and must have a winner. It’s no longer an exhibition, someone has to win. We’ll try to win from start to finish. … Mike is not going there for an exhibition, he’s going there to fight.

“We’re on a sparring week in the gym and that’s it,” Cordeiro stated. “That’s something he really enjoys. No one spars a full month for an exhibition. It will be a real fight. We respect Roy because Roy is coming for a real fight, and that’s what makes this match so different. They are both coming for a real fight.”

Game Plan

Although it has been over fourteen years since his last fight in the ring, Tyson’s greatest strength has always been his power and ability to finish fights. Cordeiro, however, states that his man is prepared to go the distance, should it go that the full eight rounds.

“If the fight goes eight rounds, that’s good, he has cardio for that,” Cordeiro stated. “But the plan is to get in and not walk away from that Mike Tyson essence. [The essence] is there and no one can take it away. If he has the opportunity and realises [Jones Jr.] felt it, he’ll go for the knockout.”

Future Fights

As far as what the future holds for Tyson after this bout, Cordeiro remains confident that this wont be just a one and done comeback fight.

“This will be the first of many,” Cordeiro said. “He wants to continue being active, he wants to continue fighting. He’s leading the Legends Only League in the United States, he will be the face of this organization. We’ll see Mike Tyson in action again next year.”

Do you think Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. will end in a knockout?

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