UFC: ‘Korean Zombie’ Still Wants Brian Ortega But ‘T-City’ Isn’t Convinced

UFC featherweight Chan Sung Jung, widely known as ‘The Korean Zombie’, is currently on a two-fight winning streak and looking for his next opponent. The 33-year-old was scheduled to fight Brian Ortega last December at UFC Busan, but after ‘T-City’ was forced to pull out due to injury, he ended up fighting the veteran Frankie Edgar, finishing ‘The Answer’ in the first-round via TKO.

Four months later, the two had an incident at UFC 248, where Ortega slapped ‘The Zombie’s’ friend, the K-Pop star, Jay Park. And although ‘T-City’ later apologised, the two have continued to trade blows on social media.

Speaking to BJPenn.com, ‘The Zombie’s’ coach Eric Albarracin revealed that his fighter still “wants revenge”.

“Hopefully we see it, there is a little bit of animosity there as Brian Ortega slapped ‘Korean Zombie’s’ best friend in Jay Park. That is something he wants to get revenge for that. If not, one of my guys is going to fight Volkanovski, we got Volkanovski figured out.”

‘The Korean Zombie’ joined Fight Ready to train with their coach Eddie Cha, and ‘Captain’ Eric started working more with him as the time went on.

“He came to train with Eddie Cha and I was there. We had the greatest camp going on, we had Patricio [Freire], Henry [Cejudo], and ‘The Eraser’ (Paulo Costa) all preparing to win their second world title, with Paulo preparing for Yoel Romero to become the number one contender.

“That camp was going on and ‘Korean Zombie’ was there and Leandro Higo started becoming his training partner. When we had to fight Brian Ortega I became more involved.”

If the fight with Ortega doesn’t get made, Albarracin thinks ‘The Zombie’ should get the title shot.

“Definitely, ‘Zombie’ is right there,” he said. “’Zombie’ is probably the number one athlete in Korea. He did his military stint and came back and has been on a roll, getting two quick knockouts. ‘Korean Zombie’ is definitely next in line. We are going to after 145 and 185 [pounds].”

After Alex Volkanovski controversially defended his title against Max Holloway at UFC 251, ‘The Zombie’ took to social media to hit out at the champion’s performance.

“I am responding to yesterday’s title match against Volkanovski and Holloway. To be honest, it is shameful that Volkanovski is a champion of my weight class.

“Give him to me then you don’t need to worry about the judges decision.

“As you know, I won’t let the judges decide the result of my fight. I will finish him at the title match and that is what UFC fans want to watch.”

But having stated to Ortega recently that he couldn’t leave South Korea to fight him, ‘T-City’ was quick to respond to ‘The Zombie’.

“How you gonna say I can’t fight cause I can’t leave my country then say you ready to fight all the sudden. I just talked to some of my people, they said you can fly to United States and fly to Fight Island (by the way they live in Korea too). So straight up, you down to fight? @danawhite said winner of us gets the tittle shot. If you ain’t down I ain’t tripping. @danawhite give me another guy you want to see me fight to earn the title. I don’t want free rides I earn my shit.”

Do you think the UFC still needs to make ‘The Korean Zombie’ vs Brian Ortega for the right to challenge Alex Volkanovski for the featherweight title?

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