ONE Fantasy Game Gets New Features

ONE Championship returns at the end of the month with ONE: No Surrender. But it’s not returning alone. ONE Fantasy is also set to come back. And the world’s largest martial arts game has undergone a makeover.

To create a more enjoyable and interactive experience for the fans, the developers of the game have added new features. Here are three major improvements that have been made to ONE Fantasy.

1: Pick The Fighter AND The Round

In the previous incarnation of the game, players had to draft athletes to their ONE Fantasy Team. They would then have to rank each athlete according to their level of confidence in them winning.

Players can still do this in the new version of the game, but with a little something extra. In addition to selecting an athlete, the player must also select the round in which they predict the fight will end. So now the player will get points if the athlete wins their fight, but if they win in the predicted round, the points will be doubled.

2: More Teams And More Tournaments

With the new version of the game, players can build multiple ONE Fantasy Teams, as opposed to a single team in the original version. This means more chances of winning. The function will be available when ONE: No Surrender kicks off. Teams can be entered into both worldwide and regional contests. Furthermore, players can also participate in invite-only contests, where they can compete with just friends or family.

3: Rankings In Real Time

Starting at ONE: No Surrender, players will be able to track their ONE Fantasy Teams’ rankings of their teams in real time and see how those rankings change over the duration of the event.

At the end of each event, players will get to see the leaderboard and the final rankings from previous events.

Bonus: Prizes

The stakes for winning have never been higher. From now on, the top three winners of the ONE Fantasy global contest will win free merchandise from the ONE.SHOP.

While merchandise may vary between events, it is nonetheless a strong incentive for winning. If anyone consistently finishes in the top spots, they could very well win an entire ONE Championship wardrobe.

Will you be playing ONE Fantasy when ONE: No Surrender returns on July 31st in Bangkok, Thailand?

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