Sean O’Malley Dissects Marlon Vera Ahead Of UFC 252: He’s Pretty Basic

Despite his perfect record and spectacular first-round knockout of UFC veteran Eddie Wineland at UFC 250 last month, many fans still believe that Sean O’Malley needs to prove himself against elite level competition.

However, O’Malley will have a chance to prove himself worthy of attention once again next month at UFC 252, against Marlon Vera. Although ‘Chito’ is only 27 years old, he already has fourteen UFC fights under his belt, and is 5-1 in his last six bouts inside the Octagon.

Opportunity To Shine

Speaking to MMA Junkie, O’Malley acknowledged Vera’s toughness, but doesn’t see him as a real challenge. ‘Sugar’ though, believes it’s an opportunity to show off his skillset.

“He’s a decent striker, black belt in jiu-jitsu – he’s definitely the toughest opponent to date, and that’s what I wanted. I think this fight against ‘Chito’ will really kind of get to show – you know, it’s hard to show your skills when you’re knocking dudes out in two minutes,” O’Malley said. “It’s like, some people might see it as that was a lucky punch, or that was whatever, but I think ‘Chito’ might be able to absorb some extra punishment.

“So I’ll be able to show more of my skills and be more of a threat, and people will realise that. So I think some guys look at my skills and they’re like, ‘OK, yeah, he’s for real.’ Some don’t. So I think this next fight will get to show a lot.”


Although O’Malley gives some props to Vera, the 25 year old went on to describe his opponent as ‘pretty basic’.

“It’s hard not to see me get a first-round knockout. That’s pretty much how my career has been,” O’Malley said. “ Even as an amateur, I was getting a lot of first-round knockouts. He’s never sparred someone like me. He’s never fought someone like me. And a lot of people say that, but a lot of people are basic. He’s pretty basic. He’s got basic striking and good jiu-jitsu. I’ve got excellent striking, and I feel I’ve got really good jiu-jitsu.

“So I think he’s going to try and put me up against the fence, do his little trips that he likes, and get on top and look for a submission. I don’t think he’s going to be able to put me up against the fence, and I think he’s going to absorb a lot of shots trying to put me up against the fence, trying to take me down, and I’ll sneak that one in there. It’s the one you don’t see that gets you knocked out. Jose, that uppercut – that’s what did it on him. Eddie was that right hand. So I have a lot of secret weapons that you’re not going to see that’ll put your lights out.”


O’Malley didn’t give a precise prediction for the fight, but he laid out the different ways he can see the bantamweight clash going, come fight night.

“Probably first-round knockout, but like I said, ‘Chito’s’ tough, so I’m planning on being in there for 15 minutes. I could see a second-round knockout or a third-round knockout. I do see myself putting his lights out. [It’s] kind of his choice how fast he wants to get knocked out and how much he pushes the fight,” O’Malley concluded.

How do you think the fight between Sean O’Malley and Marlon Vera is going to play out?

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